Sunday, 22 September 2013

a couple of days in stockholm

I've spent a couple of days in Stockholm with Jonas. Spent some time at Acne Stuiods head office (very cool place!) and then walked around a lot in "Gamla stan". We stayed at a hotel on Skepptsholmen (like a small island in the middle of Stockholm) which was very nice indeed! It's been a lovely few autumn days!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

as grey as it gets

Hey sweets!
Today I'm wearing an oversized dark grey/blue top from ACNE, which I love! The colour is just perfect (so why is the picture black and white, that's a good question. The camera had those settings unfortunately). Anyhoo, I also wore black jeans from Weekday. A very dark outfit indeed, though the weather might have inspired me. I'm going to make myself a cup of hot chocolate before running some errands! Later! Xxx


Such a nice colour!! 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I'm going on a roadtrip!

I'm going on a roadtrip this week! I'm not going to bring my Canon camera so I'll only be using my Iphone 4s which is, well, good enough for roadtrip pictures! On Saturday we're going past where Andy's family lives and he's cousin just got marries so a huge wedding party is on. Can't wait! See you when I get back Xx

Monday, 2 September 2013

Leather jacket and boots

Skinnjacka och byxor med dragkedjor från ZARA och skorna är second hand. T-shirt från ACNE.

Sunday, 1 September 2013


Deinitely feeling inspired today. It's autumn in the air now and summer's almost gone. Ok with me! Here is a collage of some things I would like to wear soon enough. 

These two

I've wanted two bags like these ones for ages now. One white backpack and one brown small bag. Finally I've found the perfect ones!

Saturday, 31 August 2013

This day

This day I tell ya. The woorst.

How am I going to have time to do everything I want and need to do when there are so many films to watch, so much music to listen to and so much bread to eat in the cupboard? I don’t understand.
I wake up every morning thinking I need to finish that article,  that column, that feature. Then I move on to: I need to shower first, and brush my teeth and put on my makeup. I continue with: I really should update my blog today, take some pictures, write something witty about my day (what day?) and then I should exercise because I never really do that. That’s something you need to do if you don’t want to die young, or get fat. God forbid that ever happens. After that it’s really important to eat healthy and then I argue with myself for a while and the less disciplined side of me wins an I eat six slices of bread – just like that. White bread as well. Oh lord.

So, I get out of bed and the stress is already causing me to see double and I stumble to the bathroom and I honestly, deeply dislike the person staring back at me, but feeling like I do today, who wouldn't?
I leave the bathroom without putting on makeup and I figure I can shower later. I've got so much to do! So I sit down in front of my desk, open up my laptop and start to get stressed again “why is it not starting up faster, I'm in a hurry!”. Sometimes I actually tell my laptop this. Just so it knows what it’s doing to me.

Then I check my Facebook, of course, something important might have happened. And my email. And my twitter. My blog. My oh my. Nothing exciting. Then I think that, well I've had such a stressful morning, why not watch a fun relaxing film while eating my white thick unhealthy bred with butter (guilt trip) and then, then I’ll start working. Honestly.

When the film is over I feel this overwhelming heavy feeling on my chest. In my chest. I should go outside, I need some fresh air. I haven’t been outside for two days. Something is wrong with me and I know it. But I don’t leave my flat. I clean a little, just to get some of my restlessness out of the way so I can start taking care of my life. It occurs to me that life happens right now and I'm wasting precious time. I get stressed and slightly nauseous and quickly return to my laptop.

Where do I start? Writing, blog, sending emails, making phone calls, doing that freelance job, or the other freelance job, or write on my book – it’s been ages since. I take a deep breath and I realize how many “needs and shoulds” I always use. Where is the “wants”? I'm basically wasting my life doing nothing and stressing about doing nothing not getting anywhere and get more things on my plate. Where do I start, where does it end?

At least there is a party tonight (and still delicious things in the cupboard).

I'm back! And with some amazing festival pictures. Enjoy!

5 days of festival i Wales!! Soo nice and beautiful surroundings. Stunning. (Well, it is Wales). The pictures are nothing compared to the real life views. Also, I liked this place because it wasn't the whole "I'm going to get drunk and sleep with everyone in my disgusting tent-festival" it was more of a "we all love music, food, dance, film, science (yes, I did spend a lot of time in Einsteins garden) and meditation and massage tents. Who doesn't like that? Anyhoo, it was incredible relaxing and a nice way of escaping the world! If you ever get the change - go! Xx

Sunday, 4 August 2013


From Copenhagen to Berlin, to Brussels, to Paris, to Calais, then Dover and now we're in London. In a couple of days we're gonna go up though England to Scotland and Glasgow. And then we're  got some adventures there planned! I'm excited! Xx

Thursday, 1 August 2013


We spent a couple of days in Calais (France) yesterday before we took the boat to Dover and went up to London. Truly a very beautiful place with so nice people!
Also, I changed mu hair colour at home, from almost black to this. Pleased!

Friday, 12 July 2013

Back home in beautiful Sweden

After a long time out of the country I am now back home for the summer. Sweden, you take my breath away!

Monday, 17 June 2013


I'm trying to write on my book here in the middle of the night in the dark. But maybe I shouldn't write on my laptop since it just takes me to everything else that's so inspiring that I didn't come up with. Damn it! 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Necklace + ACNE

New necklace! New favorite! Also wearing a dark grey oversize ACNE t-shirt.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Sorry for such bad updating here. I've had two shit years and now two even worse weeks. I'm starting to feel a bit better now though and went shopping and now I've got lots of stuff to show you guys! But man, I've never really understood why people would want to kill themselves until last year. Oh my. Sorry but cred to my recent strength I didn't realized I had. Hope you're all GOOD! Xx

inspiration deluxe

I like ALL of this. Well, I did create the collage so that's quite obvious. What do you think?

Saturday, 8 June 2013

the other day

Hey guys!
Just me wearing new Vagabond heels, black velvet skirt and a white knitted top from H&M and teeth necklace.