Monday, 15 August 2011


Still such wounderful summer weather...
Wearing a hat from TopShop, jacket from, crystal bullet necklace from BikBok and a pair of old Levis shorts.

Sunday, 14 August 2011


It would seem like a little abnormal to plan your breakfast at midnight (which it is now in Sweden) but I've really gotten stuck in all these food-blogs. Everything looks delicious!
I would really like some healthy food (well, says I who just ate a whole mud cake, but better late than never). Anywho, tomorrow I'm gonna get up early, despite that it's summer break, go down to the store, then make a really healthy breakfast and watch some great movies. Sounds awesome!


Picture from my old blog. 

Summer in Sweden is not okay. It's raining and raining and the sky is grey and white. 
Quite depressing actually. I like autumn and winter a lot, almost more than summer, but when it's summer it's suppose to be some sunlight! 
Can't believe it's only early august and I wear jackets and jeans. 
I should start saving some money for a trip in the winter cuz otherwise I won't survive. 


Omg, I want this sweater freakin' bad right now! It's slitz on the sides and has a beautiful dark blue color. Love it love it love it!



Jacket and bag from H&M / Top from Monki / Hat from TopShop / Crystal bullet necklace from BikBok and a pair of old Levis shorts, black 501.


Hi blogger, great to be here!

I really like this skirt and the red top! If we could have some more summer here in Sweden, I would like to look like this (see left).